5 Ways to Annoy A Casting Director

So you want to be famous?  That’s not going to happen if you annoy the Casting Director to the point they feel like vomiting when they get an email notification from you!

To start out with, don’t call/text/email me that you aren’t going to make it to your audition AFTER it’s over.  Advance notice is required.

Secondly, be prepared!  It is your responsibility to figure out where the audition is being held, look over the sides, practice with your friends, shower, etc. I’m not going to hold your hand, if you want the part you will need to put forth some effort.

Third, don’t make excuses!  If you weren’t prepared for the audition I don’t care to hear why.  Fake it till you make it… try ACTING like you were prepared and it will get you much farther in life.

Fourth, and this goes for most situations, if I don’t answer the phone the first time you call do NOT keep calling every two seconds to see if I’ll answer the 6th or 7th time.  More than likely, I am speaking to someone on the other line and you are annoying me to the point that I won’t want to talk to you at all.

And lastly, I don’t care who you know in Hollywood.  All I care about is whether or not you can act and you are right for the part that you are auditioning for.  I don’t care that your boyfriend/girlfriend is on a hit show, I don’t care that you were at the Playboy Mansion last night, and I don’t care that you met Ron Jeremy at a bar last night (FYI: everyone in LA has met Ron Jeremy at a bar at some point, you aren’t special.)

Jaimie Beebe is a natural Casting Director. Her experience as a Line Producer and Production Manager helps her understand the process a director goes through in order to find the right talent for the right project. She has worked with major brands, celebrities, and directors such as Dannon, Oikos, Childhelp, Betty White, Shaquille O’Neil, John Stamos, Billy Jayne, and more… Jaimie has cast several music videos for bands Buckcherry and Breaking 27, as well as many voiceover spots for radio. More recently Jaimie has begun casting shorts and feature films. Her passion is finding the perfect actor for the project she is working on to achieve the best result possible.

Author: Jaimie Beebe
Category: The High Fives of Acting
Date: September 19, 2016

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