5 Things YOU Do That Make People Hate You On Set

You finally booked the role – woohoo!  Now, don’t fuck it up.

First of all, don’t be a creeper!  No one goes to set with hopes of falling in love, especially with you.  Don’t ask anyone for his or her phone number, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat… ok, maybe Snapchat because seeing people with filters that make them look like random animals is fun.  When you are on set be focused on what you should be doing, pay attention to what the director is saying, and do the best you can to make the production better.  Being on set is not “hanging out”, it’s not like being at a bar, or a coffee shop – you are there to work and get your job done so the project can move along.  Don’t be that girl with the fake lips that tries to fuck the producer to get the next movie role, there’s a special place in Hell for people like that.

Do not complain!  When you are on set and things are not going your way, the last thing anyone wants to hear is you talking about how upset you are.  Don’t be a little baby about it, and if you don’t like it then leave.  Don’t be the vibe killer on set, when you start complaining all it does is make everyone else want to crush your vocal chords.  Obviously, if there is a real problem on set (i.e. asking you to do something not in your contract), then take a break and call your manager.  A good manager will sort out any legitimate problems you are having.

Yes, the director chose you… but don’t be a diva about it!   Don’t start making demands; you don’t need special food, you don’t need a bigger dressing room, and you definitely don’t need to go around telling people how awesome you are.  No one wants to hang out with a narcissist.

You got the part in the movie… but you’re in the background.  Doing background work is a great way to break into the industry.  If you’re lucky you can get credit, a copy of what you did, and a little something for your reel so you can book your next role.  But, you are in the background, so no one wants to hear your ideas!  The people with the ideas are the ones that also started out in the “background” of their field, but worked their way up to getting their ideas heard and executed.  I’m sure you have great ideas, but bringing them up on set is neither the time nor the place.  A lot of people have collaborated and worked their asses off to make this production happen way before you were booked to be in the background.  You are not there to ride in on a white horse and save the day with your ideas to change things.

Name-dropping is so 1999.  OMG!  You know Brad Pitt?!?!  Oh, like you’ve hung out with him a couple times? Ok… so you saw him walk into a restaurant from across the street once?  No one cares!  No one wants to see random photos of you and a famous person, except your mother in Iowa.  Not a single person on set with you cares that you shook hands with George Clooney.  You sound like a tool when you go on and on about all the awesome famous people you know.  Come on, if you really know all those famous people then you probably don’t need to talk about it on set to strangers to make yourself feel important.  So just don’t.

Basically, if you get to be on set then you’re on the right path, don’t fuck it up by being a dick. #setlife

Jaimie Beebe is a natural Casting Director. Her experience as a Line Producer and Production Manager helps her understand the process a director goes through in order to find the right talent for the right project. She has worked with major brands, celebrities, and directors such as Dannon, Oikos, Childhelp, Betty White, Shaquille O’Neil, John Stamos, Billy Jayne, and more… Jaimie has cast several music videos for bands Buckcherry and Breaking 27, as well as many voiceover spots for radio. More recently Jaimie has begun casting shorts and feature films. Her passion is finding the perfect actor for the project she is working on to achieve the best result possible.

Author: Jaimie Beebe
Category: The High Fives of Acting
Date: October 24, 2016

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