5 Photos NOT to Send to a Casting Director… or put on Tinder

There are plenty of photographers out there that want to charge and arm & a leg for a good headshot session, and many actors just can’t afford it.  But that does not mean you can send a shitty photo to a casting director and hope for the best!

I’m going to enlighten everyone on 5 types of headshots you should NEVER send to a Casting Director, or even put on tinder for that matter…

First up is the “Friend Photo”.  I’m sure you’re very popular and have lots of awesome photos of you hanging out with your friends at bars, at the beach, and having dinner… but I don’t care.  The last thing I have time to do is blow up the photo and try to figure out which one is you.

Secondly, if you’re wearing sunglasses and a hat in the photo you send, I’m not going to be able to see what you look like… duh.

Third, don’t send a headshot you had done at the age of 25 when you are actually 40.  Your friends and loved ones may tell you that you still look young, but you don’t, so use up to date photos.  I understand that sometimes an actor may order several hundred headshots to be printed and then only go out for a couple of auditions, so you might as well hand them out till their gone, right? No.  You could wallpaper your bathroom, send them to friends & family, burn them, and basically do whatever you want but don’t send them to a Casting Director.

Fourth, I don’t care that you gained an extra 40 pounds but don’t send me a photo of the skinny you and then bring in the un-skinny you! When you walk in I will notice that you gained weight, shaved your head, dyed your hair, or lost weight.  If I don’t recognize you from the photo you sent, then it’s time to get new headshots.

Lastly… no nudes!  This is something you should have learned from your parents, but if not I’m here to let you know that you should never ever send nude photos to anyone – especially a Casting Director!

Simply put, the purpose of sending a Casting Director a photo of yourself is to show what you look like.  If you don’t look like your headshot, it’s time to get a new headshot.

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Jaimie Beebe is a natural Casting Director. Her experience as a Line Producer and Production Manager helps her understand the process a director goes through in order to find the right talent for the right project. She has worked with major brands, celebrities, and directors such as Dannon, Oikos, Childhelp, Betty White, Shaquille O’Neil, John Stamos, Billy Jayne, and more… Jaimie has cast several music videos for bands Buckcherry and Breaking 27, as well as many voiceover spots for radio. More recently Jaimie has begun casting shorts and feature films. Her passion is finding the perfect actor for the project she is working on to achieve the best result possible.

Author: Jaimie Beebe
Category: The High Fives of Acting
Date: September 14, 2016

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